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New Online Services  - Media Training and Course Creation

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new 'associate partnership' with George Kingsnorth and Gullion Media for Media Training. In addition we can offer the production of training courses for clients in areas where they (the clients) have specialist knowledge and want to teach others via their own on line courses. We can then take care of all the technical and creative aspects of the course production and where appropriate, ensure that the courses will be accredited. Thirty years ago, George was my assistant at BBC Northern Ireland when I was a staff Film Editor.  He moved on to follow the academic route and ended up lecturing in media and ultimately writing accredited course modules for advanced media certificates. After all these years, we are now working together again to try to pass on some of our knowledge to whoever needs it, and at whatever level is needed. Media Training courses already available off the shelf range from practical use of cameras or sound equipment to achieve better results, to accredited courses for those who desire to follow a career in media and require professional qualifications. Courses are mainly online and are currently being offered through Udemy, but we're open to putting on workshops for groups or organisations if there's a demand for a more personal approach. We'll be happy to tailor training to suit the needs of your organisation. We're already officially recognised as an Open College Network NI Centre. Although media training is our speciality, it may be that your organisation has specialist knowledge in a different area and that you would like to package on-line courses under your own brand. It's very likely that we could help you with that and look after the technical and creative aspects of making that happen.

Need to tell stories online?

Part of the package we can now offer in addition to straight forward video production, are skills and expertise in storytelling using 2d or 3d illustrations. Below are a few samples of illustrations we’ve produced. The 2-d sketches have been designed so that they are created quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to employ an army of artists. Illustrations like these can be effective in a teaching environment or for sharing individuals' stories, especially where anonymity is required. sample1_op

Illustrations can be effective in a teaching environment or for sharing individuals' stories, especially where anonymity is required.

Need more detail?  The illustrations below were created for a medical training application which required the highest technical standards.


Samples of 3d models used for training purposes in the medical professions.

Educational projects in developing countries. (Partners wanted)

With the right partners, both George and I would love to use our skills and expertise applied with technology, to help educational projects in developing countries. Whether it's media training, general education, health, personal or spiritual development, etc., it would be great to harness technology to help develop those who have so much potential but often little opportunity to get the educational training that could set them up for a much improved standard of living. Because video display equipment doesn't need moving parts anymore and a whole series of programmes can be stored on a tiny media card, teaching and training opportunities exist today via video, that were impossible just a few years ago. Even if Internet access isn't available, LCD screens can house media cards and can now be weather-proofed and vandal-proofed so that they can operate in almost any environment. Even the lack of electricity is no longer a barrier since solar power has advanced so much. Where there's a will, there's now a way to bring knowledge and 'digital inclusion' to the remotest parts of the world. We're looking forward to our first project of this nature that will 'make a difference'. To discuss any of the above you can call George Kingsnorth at +44 7565 207446 or John Callister at +44 2892 673717. See a full range of courses available via Udemy at

Below is a short sample of an on line course relating to sound and audio recording.

About Sound

Video Video Tutorial Length
1 What is sound? 04:06
2 Recording devices 03:23
3 Microphones and accessories 07:49
4 Recording levels 04:25
5 Converting analogue to digital 03:42
Total length 23:25