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Filming & Marketing Stories Worth Telling

JC Photo


John Callister’s media career now spans more than three decades. It began with BBC Northern Ireland, where he became a Film Editor and then Producer/Director. He spent twelve years on staff, before embarking on a freelance career. He’s based in Lisburn, and along with partners and associates, is involved in:


    • Television and Video Production  (see TV Productions)
    • Photography
    • Broadcasting
    • Website creation
    • Internet Marketing
    • Internet TV Channels / Web TV
    • Live Video Recording and Streaming
    • Advertising via TV and Digital Signage Networks
    • E-training:         We can film and produce your e-training programmes
    • E-commerce:    Building and maintaining on-line shops
    • Always interested in Business Joint Ventures

John in the 1980’s in his BBC film ‘cutting room’ with his beloved Steenbeck.

Career Highlights

  • During my time as a Film Editor with BBC Northern Ireland I had the opportunity to edit prestige BBC network drama, working with multi Oscar winning film director, (and Olympics 2012 opening ceremony designer) Danny Boyle. One of our productions was awarded a Golden Globe award – a first for BBC Northern Ireland. Also worked on hundreds of BBC documentaries and current affairs/News programmes during twelve years on staff.



  • Loved my job at the BBC, but after twelve years felt I should broaden my horizons, so left and set up my own production company, Callister Communications. I was fortunate enough to be able to continue working for the BBC as a producer/director in a freelance role, and at the same time open up new avenues and business ventures.

Callister Communications set up one of the first non linear broadcast edit suites in Northern Ireland. Above, editor George J Kingsnorth, edits a broadcast documentary with a client/director.

  • Set up one of Northern Ireland’s first broadcast quality, digital edit suites and carried out work for BBC, UTV, RTE and SKY.
  • Went on to produce a number of documentaries for BBC, the first being a profile of Ray Davey, the founder of the Corrymeela Community. As I got to know Ray, I began to admire his idea of ‘practical’ Christianity and he became a mentor to me.
Since I'm not a tall person, sometimes a bit of extra height comes in handy

Since I’m not a tall person, sometimes a bit of extra height comes in handy

  • Had the opportunity to produce a number of tourism related videos including the NITB’s own branded production to promote Northern Ireland as a tourist destination around the world.  This was a fulfilling role since with the BBC, a lot of the stories I was involved with were related to the latest bombing, shooting, killing, etc. in NI.
John, filming with Dr Colin Morris, former Controller BBC N Ireland

Filming a broadcast documentary with Dr Colin Morris, former Controller, BBC N Ireland


  • Had the great privilege to produce a series of personal development programme with Lou Tice, founder of Seattle based, The Pacific Institute (TPI). Lou and TPI worked with many of the fortune 500 companies in the US and around the world and our video series became one of their very successful ‘courses’.  I was honoured to be flown to Seattle to attend the TPI ‘global leadership conference’ where world renown psychologist Dr Martin Seligman was a keynote speaker as well as a former US Presidential candidate and NFL stars, etc. Another highlight of the trip was a visit to Lou’s Seattle mansion, overlooking Lake Washington, where more than 100 guests had been invited for a sit down meal.
  • Co-founded a digital signage company which now has video screens in public places around Ireland north and south, in shopping centres, train and bus stations.

ecademy pic

  • Produced a series of TV programmes for a Norwegian broadcaster.
  • Filmed in India and the Andaman Islands in the aftermath of Tsunami.
  • Carried out work for a multi-millionaire businessman who wanted to produce Christian programming for broadcast.  Started off as one day a week but ended up as full time for four years managing 3 edit suites plus a graphics suite as we expanded the reach across Africa and on SKY in the UK and Europe.
  • Now developing Internet TV channels and video marketing strategies for clients as well as preparing to broadcast on SKY as well as the new Local TV Stations in the UK.