I was visiting at my father in law’s house in Crumlin, Co Antrim, on Sunday past, on the occasion of his 90th birthday. After a nice celebration meal at the Dunadry hotel, we continued to celebrate at his home. It so happens that his front garden has a viewpoint to the rear of Crumlin Presbyterian Church, where Sylvia and I were married 30 years ago.

As darkness fell, I realised that the church was nicely lit up, so having brought the camera I didn’t need to be persuaded to take the opportunity for a photograph.

When I’m shooting night scenes, if possible, I don’t wait until the sky is pitch black. There’s often a short window just before that point, where the sky still has some light and is therefore much more interesting. I tried to capture that moment in this photo.

The Church is situated on Main Street, Crumlin and was built in 1839 to the designs of Belfast architect, John Millar. The site was donated by the Hon. General Pakenham.  The bell in the tower was made by M. Byrne of the Fountain Head Foundry, James’s Street, Dublin in 1905 and was erected in memory of Rev. Alexander Canning, the first minister of the church, who died in 1896.

Glad to report that after thirty years, both church and marriage are still going strong.


Crumlin Presbyterian Church, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland



Father in law, Johnston Barnes, at 90. Still driving his car and enjoying good health.


The clan – after the birthday celebration meal.


My son, Timothy, returned a couple of weeks early from a nine month trip to Australia, so he could be home for his Grandad’s 90th.

My two daughters, Clara (left) and Chloe, enjoy a 'selfie' with their grandad.

My two daughters, Clara (left) and Chloe, enjoy a ‘selfie’ with their grandad.